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Alessandro Arturo Cucurnia (aka Arthuan Rebis) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, harpist, writer, sound operator, international concert artist. Seeker of musical and spiritual traditions of East and West.




Arthuan Rebis performs in different musical contexts, such as festivals, theaters, squares, museums, castles, clubs and so on. With is bands and as soloist, he made more than 1000 performances in Italy and abroad (Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Croatia , Spain, Belgium, Holland, Qatar, Czech Republic, USA).


His training is characterized by the study and practice of various musical styles, distant in space and time, ranging from Nordic and Celtic folk to oriental traditions (India, China, Mongolia), from archaic to baroque and medieval music, up to more experimental and modern contaminations.


With his various projects he has released various albums, as author and composer, and has collected dozens of collaborations. Among the instruments he plays there are celtic harp, nyckelharpa, esraj, hulusi, bouzouki, classical guitar, flutes, bagpipes, percussions and keyboards.


Since 2017 he is the author, composer and singer of the band called “The Magic Door”, founded together with Giada Colagrande (film director, actress and songwriter), with the participation of Vincenzo Zitello, major Italian harpist and composer, and Glen Velez, virtuoso percussionist and top expert on frame drums. In 2018 the homonymous concept-album was published and distributed. This work is inspired by Rome’s Alchemical Door. The disc has been received with enthusiasm by newspapers, radio and TV, and also by the audience of the theaters, where it is presented with suggestive video projections. In 2020 the band plays at Napoli Teatro Festival and Taormina Film Fest.


Since 2011 he's singer, musician, composer, producer in the band In Vino Veritas, one of the most important European realities in medieval and pagan folk. IVV's third album, "Grimorium Magi" (2019) is distributed by Black Widow Records, along with The Magic Door.


In 2013 he began a collaboration with Claudio Rocchi, immediately interrupted by the death of the songwriter. Some years later he karmic connections led him to become friends with Paolo Tofani (historical guitarist of 70’s Progressive Band called “Area” and great friend of Claudio) with whom he formed a duo in 2018. In the same year he began to play in a duo with Vincenzo Zitello.


In 2016 he released his first solo cd “Spells, Spirits and Spirals” under the pseudonym Arthuan Rebis.

 In 2020, during the lockdown, he released a musical fable called “La Primavera del Piccolo Popolo”, a night flight on a fairy’s wings, looking for a vanished humanity.

In 2021 the third solo album "Sacred Woods" came to life on LP, CD, Digital, printed by Black Widow Records. In the album there are many guest musicians: Vincenzo Zitello, Mia Guldhammer (Virelai), Giada Colagrande, Glen Velez, Paolo Tofani, Emanuele Ysmail Milletti, Nicola Caleo, Gabriele Gasparotti, Federico Sanesi.


In 2012 he published the Ep "Il Regno di Flora" with his pagan folk project Antiqua Lunae.


Arthuan collaborates with Angelo Tonelli since 2009, together with the great ancient greek scholar he has made numerous "thematic" and "meditative" concerts, taking care of the music and the selection of the texts. Since 2007 he has been working in his own recording studio where he personally takes care of his records and produces music for theatrical performances, cinema and for holistic operators




Since he was a child he has cultivated vocation, study and research about spirituality and esotericism.

He currently conducts seminars of magical science of sound, meditation with the elements and connection and interaction with the invisible worlds.

Scholar of shamanism, of symbols and myths of ancient cultures, he is devoted to the study of Tibetan Buddhist traditions, following the teachings of his master Lama Lodro Tulku.


For years he has been carrying out sound treatments using the Axis Mundi harmonic bed, designed by himself, applying a methodology inspired by the study of indo-pythagorean traditions and tested through direct experimentation.

In 2013 he published his first book “Musica e Sapienza, antiche tradizioni musicali e spiritualità”, for Agorà & Co, in the series "Lo Specchio di Dioniso", directed by Angelo Tonelli.

He is the artistic director of numerous cultural events, including "Apua, Celtic and Dionysian festival of the Apuan Alps" and "Oltresuono" (with Contatto Radio Popolare Network).

Since 2014 he has been managing the esoteric and musical column of the periodical "Libere Luci".






New album out on may 26! 

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Arthuan Rebis - La Primavera del Piccolo Popolo (CD DIGIPACK)

This album is a sort of "Musical Fairytale", a guided journey, a night flight on the wings of the fairy Alidoro, in search of a disappeared humanity and the Great Heart.

I started composing the music on March 21, 2020 and I finished the arrangements and mixing exactly one month later. This was my way of channeling and transforming the “lockdown” energies: trying to evoke the inspiration of Love of an Invisible Elsewhere that I have always perceived as present.

This "Fairytale in Music" leaves ample space to the listener's creative imagination. I suggest listen with headphones, lying down or in a meditative position, in the dark or in the dim light.

12,00 €

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